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Detectives in the Classroom: Teaching Recent British and American Television Crime Series

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Teaching detective fiction is attractive not only because of the genre’s continuing popularity in both literature and film, but also because such “formula fiction” is perfectly suited to illustrate the workings of narrative. Ever since Poe and Conan Doyle established the formula of the classic detective story, the genre has relied on certain recurring plot lines and character types, while proving flexible enough to incorporate changes. Thus, recent representatives of the form such as the BBC’s Sherlock (2010-17) or HBO’s True Detective (2014-) use the possibilities of their medium – the television series – to “update” traditional detective fiction for our time. Connecting these contemporary texts to their literary predecessors, we will discuss ways of using detective fiction in the classroom to understand key features of (serial) narrative – and to get a sense of their historical origin and evolution.
At one level, detective fiction is about the process of reading: in the course of his investigation, the detective has to interpret signs or clues. “Detectives in the Classroom” aims to find ways of turning the (theoretically informed) reading of detective fiction into an enjoyable and engaging learning experience.

Inhalte und Ziele
  • Background information on the origins of crime fiction and the “formula” of the classic detective story
  • Critical analysis of selected episodes from the TV series
  • Input on how to adapt the subject matter for classroom use
  • Theoretical input from both lecturers
  • Plenary discussion
  • Group work
  • Discussion of selected theoretical texts
  • Reading of excerpts from TV series
Maturitätsschullehrpersonen für Englisch und weitere Interessierte
Zentrum für Weiterbildung UZH, Schaffhauserstrasse 228, 8057 Zürich
Donnerstag, 26. September 2019, 9.30 – 16.30 Uhr
Universität Zürich
Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft
Abteilung Lehrerinnen- und
Lehrerbildung Maturitätsschulen
Kantonsschulstrasse 3
8001 Zürich
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Frank, Ausserord. Professor für Literaturen in englischer Sprache des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts, Englisches Seminar, Universität Zürich
  • Dr. des. Michelle Dreiding, Lehrerin für Englisch, Kantonsschule Stadelhofen
Bis 26. August 2019 
CHF 250.--

AnmeldungSie können sich direkt online zum Kurs anmelden.