5 plays in 5 days - London Drama Course 2019

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Discover classic and contemporary plays and their production on stage; get to know their context (historical, sociocultural, political); discuss the process from the page to the stage; meet people from the theatre world; get an idea of the theatre tradition in London; exchange with fellow teachers; use the English language in an authentic environment. 
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Five plays in production in London in October 2019 will be read, watched and discussed. Dramatic genre, techniques and traditions, as well as social, historical or scientific issues will provide topics for the debates. Plays can be of any era of theatre and can be in production in London's National, West End or fringe venues. Highlights are visits of professionals involved in the plays who share their experience with the group. 
English teachers or teachers with a good knowledge of English
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7th - 11th October 2019
Swiss Association of Teachers of English SATE
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Susanna Lehmann
20, rue Henri-Frédéric Amiel
1203 Geneva
022 344 38 73 
Peter Storfer, Senior Lecturer
costi per il corso
1'000.-- CHF (980.-- CHF if more than 12 participants), 990.-- CHF for VSG members
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The course fee does NOT include expenses for travel, hotel and meals. Each participant will have to book their own flight and accommodation. There may be some additional costs for the plays (tickets & books), depending on the choice of plays and/or the exchange rate.

The number of registrations received by August 9th will determine whether the course will be held or not. 

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